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If you do it wrong, you’ll break your bank ...and all your hard work will go down the sink

That’s why we run all of your step-by-step game plan FOR you and give you 

Real Estate Works
(After All, It’s Why You're Here.)

YES heard right
 you get access to 
advance courses 

You want financial freedom ...
You  want to live your dream life ...
You know being an investor can get you there ...

But you're not sure where to start ...

MEET: "MrNoFluFF REI Academy"  

Courses Included with Purchase

Join the MrNoFluFF Academy and get full access to the world’s fastest growing, largest learning community for real estate investing, entrepreneurship, gold silver, and blockchain crypto.

By becoming a member, you will not only get access to 1,000+ hours of video advance courses, lectures and workshops, you will also get access to yours truly in monthly meetings. I hold nothing back. 

You’ll get real life case studies, take tours of the properties, trade secrets revealed, the marketing methods and the funding.

Education on Demand University (1,000+ Training Videos)
A Digital University with trainings added Weekly. Full access to 1,000+ hours of courses on Subject to, Wholesaling, Landlording, Master lease, Fix and flip, Options, Virtual assistant, Sale, Closing, and much more

Monthly  Coaching & Live Calls (One meeting per month)
Every month I’ll answer the top questions I receive from members. Plus I will bring new strategies to help you prosper.  Monthly live small-group Mentoring meetings 
Access to Community Forum
Network, Funding, Post your deals

Instant Access to New Courses

Education that puts you in total control for less than a dinner for two.
Creative Financing (Owner Financing)
Marketing, Leads, Closing, Follow-up
Cold Calling, Moblie Marketing  
Sales, Negotiations, Conversion

Facebook Marketing Organic & Paid
Funding, Raise Capital, Find the money 

These are Raw & Uncut No Fluff Insider Information courses. You’ll discover the basics to all the New Cutting Strategies giving you the best ROI so you can profit Like the pros.  Best of all you can learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere

As a Member, Enjoy Exclusive Access to...

Business & entrepreneurship
Real Estate (Landlording, Fix and Flip, Wholesaling..etc)
Social Medial, Youtube, Podcast...etc
Website Automation, Funnels, Systems
Case Studies.......Plus much much more!

Here's Few of the Training Modules

Each training module is packed with training videos you can learn at your own pace.

Education on Demand "University"

Over 1,000+ Hours Training Videos (Impossible to list them all here)

Bonus ....Investing in Gold
Bonus ....Investing in Cryptocurrency
Bonus ....Market & Economy Trends
Bonus ....Developing a Successful Entrepreneur Mindset

1) Enroll. 
     This service is $99 $67 per month and even though it's not expensive, it's definitely not for everybody.

2) Get access 
     Education on Demand "University" get access advance training course via email. 

3) Join meetings 
    10:00 am (1st) Saturday of every month from your computer for our LIVE MENTORING MEETINGS

Enroll Now before the offer expires or is sold out

1) New Launch Ultra-low Offer
2)  Save $1,000's .... Price increasing soon. Lock down your "Ultra-low new launch offer"

365-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
We stand behind all of our products with a 365-day satisfaction guarantee. We want you to be thrilled with your purchase, so we give you 365 days to check it out, take it for a spin, and see if it's for you. If not, you can exchange it for any other course in our store, no questions asked!

1) Limited seats.
2) Price increasing soon.
3) Save $1,000's ... Lock down your "Ultra-low launch offer" before its sell's out or expires 

No Catch or Tricks, Cancel Anytime!

With The MrNoFluFF REI Academy, you have no contracts or minimum monthly commitments.

If you ever want to cancel your membership, just contact my support desk before your next payment is scheduled. We won't pressure you to stay and if you ever cancel, I'll still welcome you back if you want to rejoin.

Everything You Get In This Special Offer

Education on Demand University ----------------------------> $10,896.00

Monthly Live Business Strategy Training -----------------------> $3,000.00 

Monthly Q & A Coaching Access to Mike  -----------------------> $9,000.00

Private Forum Community Access ----------------------------->  Priceless

MONTLY COACHING  & LIVE CALLS  (One meeting per month)

1. Each month you'll be invited to a private live web conference that I personally host...
It will be jam-packed with one high-level strategy that is working now for me in business. The basic theme of the training is that it must be current, simple, and focus on helping you building your business, grow and get leads.

2. At the end of each call, you can get live and interactive video coaching from me...
This is where you can join me live and ask questions face-to-face. Sometimes it's great to have someone with experience who you can talk through your idea to gain clarity. Or to notice your blind spot that is holding you back from making progress on a goal.

3. PLUS: You'll join an online mastermind of positive minded entrepreneurs who take action...
We've assembled an incredible group of investors, entrepreneurs, and side-hustlers in our online community and collaborate with like-minded people.


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Monthly  Coaching & Live Calls  (One meeting per month)
Only $99 $67/month


I am spending ZERO time and ZERO resources to “Selling You".  That mean's, if you want to do business with me, you must be able to:

1.) You must have the intelligence to know what you want in life, which means, you must have the ability to "Sale-Yourself-On-Your-Own-Dreams".  That means we are not going to persuade or convince you why you should buy a product or service. You have to sell yourself.  (There is a reason why I am doing this...keep reading)

2.) You must have the ability, the confidence, and the computer skills to checkout from the online shop, as all my training are advance, therefore they use cutting edge technology. 

If you cannot checkout an online order there is no way you will be able to use my systems.
I understand this model will not work for all people, as some customers' need to be “Sold-to” or worst be “Baby-sat-during-the-buying-process”. I am totally fine with losing these type's of customers.

The fact is: if you can not make up your own mind up by yourself, your chances of success as an entrepreneurs is slim 
to non, so let me do you a favor and not take your money.


[Monthly Coaching + Access to ALL Courses]

Have a question not answered here? Submit your question via email to

1.) How do I review the course?  Is there a log-in page and password?
Access to the course is through email.
The course will be delivered to you via email, one chapter is delivered via email every 3 days

2.) Does the program include unlimited access to all best selling courses?
Yes, You will have unlimited access to the course without expiration of time. 
However courses must be completed one at a time. 
One chapter is delivered via email every 3 days (or You can also upgrade to Fast Track to complete courses sooner)

3.) What’s the order of the courses? 
The order of courses are as follows: (or You can also upgrade to "Skip the line" to chose what course you want to learn first.)

   1.  The Mother Course
   2.  The New Flip
   3.  Seller Classified Ads
   4.  Cold Calling For Profits
  5.  Owner Financing For Profits
  6.  Ultimate Free Facebook Marketing
  7.  42 Ways to Find Motivated Sellers
  8.  SMS Training
  9.  Mass PLM
  10. Ultimate Postcard Machine
  11. Email Autoresponders
  12. VAx2 VA Exponential
  13. 39 No Fluff Marketing Bootcamp
  14.  Foreclosure List - How To Pull
  15. Buyer Classified Ads

4.) Do I really get to have one-on-one coaching with Mike? 
YES!  You will get 1-hour access to me once a month in a small one-on-one group setting using the newest technology to connect right form your computer right from the comfort of your home/office/coffee-shop without driving anywhere or seating in traffic and without spending money on parking fees.

5.) Are there any other items I have to buy or are there any hidden fees? 

NO! There is no other items to buy, no min lead generation, no tools to get..etc  
We do offer extra option as upgrade but that's optional and not mandatory .   

6.) Do I really get a 365 day money back guarantee? 
YES!  Your first month enrollment is 100% money back guarantee  for one (1) year, no question asked. (Store Credit)

Only $99 $67/month
Only $99 $67/month