Never borrow money from a bank to buy real estate and build your passive income through seller financing.  Your Complete Guide Subject To...Buying Without Using Your Credit!


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SUBJECT TO: Flipping Houses using Other Peoples Mortgages 

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What Included

One Day, Two-hours, Bootcamp Video

 A hands on video training, where you actually roll up your sleeves and we do a deal live during the recorded training.  

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__Identifying the 3 key parts of Owner Financing real estate
__How to buy real estate without the bank and without using your credit
__Finding & Negotiating Wholesale Deals — Where to Look & Market
__Communicating with Sellers — What questions to ask & how to Negotiate Price
__Getting the Property Under Contract
__Determining What a Deal is Worth
__Understanding the benefits of using Owner Financing
__Formulating the Right offer to ensure you do not overpay for a property
__Structuring the Deal
__Different Exit Strategies to profit
__Finding buyers to purchase your Owner Financing deals
__Using Contract “Escape Clauses” to minimize risk
__Finding & Negotiating with Rehabbers who will Buy Your Wholesale Deals
__Buying Properties with all Cash vs. Financing
__Closings— Tips to “Close the Deal” and Avoiding Closing Headaches down the line
__Title Issues
__Using an assignment & a double closing
__Understanding Market Cycles: When to Get In and When to Get Out
__Creating a personal action plan!

Forget The Real Estate Seminars, REI Clubs, and Bus Tours!

Training Includes

Where & How To Find Owner Finance Properties
__ What you will need and how to get started 

__ Where to find Owner Financed properties

__ Creative ways to fund your deal 

__ How to buy properties without borrowing from a bank or a hard money lender

__ How to monetize an Owner Finance deal
__ Learn the difference between auction investor and creative finance investor

__ Wholesaling explained

How To Negotiate Offers on Owner Finance Properties
__ How to talk to a seller
__How to profit from properties with negative equity

__ How to evaluate a property

__ How to protect your deal once you have it under contract

__ How to negotiate the offer, Powerful negotiation strategies, and How to give offers

__How to benefit from buying Owner Financed properties in the coming Financial Collapse

__ Different ways to structure a Owner Finance transaction

__ Video training on the paperwork you will need

__ How to close 9 out of 10 deals

__How to file a deed
__ Video training on how to fill out the contract 

__ Understanding the difference between Subject To and Wraps 

Closing & Your Exit Strategy: Monetize Your Owner Finance Properties
__ Understanding the Closing process and what to expect

__ How to sell your Owner Finance property

__ How to screen buyers and wholesale your deal

__ How to set up insurance for Owner Finance property

__ Property Management tips for Landlords

__ Case studies and walkthroughs of actual investment properties
__ How to Insurance the property after you buy it via owner financing

The Formula For Finding FREE Deals In Your Local Backyard 


Who much money do I need for marketing, using this system?

Zero dollars!  

We are using FlippingWednesday (guerrilla marketing) to create profits WITHOUT spending money on marketing right from your computer/smartphone!

Is Flipping Wednesday good for New Investors?

Yes, absolutely! Flipping Wednesday was designed for new investors to help you get into this business without spending money and without getting a traditional debt from a bank!    

This course was designed to be simple but powerfully effective to get you results fast!  Plus it was designed to decrease your risk in investing, by working with home owners direct, and not getting a traditional bank loan or hard money loan.

Is Flipping Wednesday good for Pro Investors?

Yes, absolutely!  Professional investors can learn how to generate free leads in there local backyards.  Plus they can learn to systemize and scale their real estate business with my systems.

Is Flipping Wednesday good forWHOLESALERS
The sky opens up to you with Seller Financing!  The truth is not every home owner can or nor wants to sell at a deep-discounted cash offer. Get more deals under contract with seller financing. 

Why?Because you can offer a higher price to the home owner vs other wholesalers that only offer a deep discount cash offer.  

Therefore, you’ll create more of a win-win situation for the owner, and increases the likely hood of you getting the deal.

Plus build your own passive income with Seller Financing vs wholesaling them out. 

Is Flipping Wednesday good for Landlords?
Say bye to borrowing limits! Banks cap out how many properties you can own with their loans. 

With Seller Financing take back control and have the home owner become your private bank so you can buy as many properties as you wish.  

Build passive income for a comfortable nest egg with Subject To. 

Is Flipping Wednesday good for Fix and Flippers?
Why borrow from a hard money lenders with high interest fees, instead, have the home owner become your private bank.  

Learn how to do short term seller financing during renovations, where you and your crew fix it up, and then, you can cash out the home seller out once rehab is complete and you sell the house. 

Is Flipping Wednesday good for Real Estate Agent?
New opportunities of income with Seller Financing.  

Get more listings, and close more leads by offering seller financing solutions to your home sellers. 

Is Flipping Wednesday good for Average homebuyer
Not trying to invest just yet? 

No problem! 

With Seller Financing you can learn how to find and buy your own personal home using this powerful strategy without needing piles of cash, without using your credit, and without borrowing from a Bank.


Virtual Wholesaling; Closing The Deal In your pajamas over the phone 

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Learn more  
| (Retails $750.00)

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