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Free Pre-Recored Message: How Our Program Works, Listen Now Call(916) 538-4257

One day, you’re choosing paint colors for the living room. On another day, you’re trying to decide which spare bedroom should be the nursery. And on others, you’re celebrating holidays and birthdays with your friends and family within the walls you’ve come to call home.

But then, one of life’s dreaded domino effects kicks in. Maybe you lost your job or are facing a never-ending list of home repairs. Maybe you are dealing with a sick family member or have been slapped with years of back taxes. It really doesn’t matter how it happened. The point is, you need to sell your home and you need to sell it FAST.

Before you look up a realtor in your area, let me introduce myself. My name is Aaron and I’m a real estate investor. I work exclusively with home owners who need to sell as quickly as possible. I’ve seen it all. If you’re selling due to any of the following, I have the perfect solution.

  __Facing foreclosure
      __Going through a divorce
      __Retiring and need to downsize
      __Family member experiencing serious health problems
      __In need of a fresh start
      __Loss of a family member
      __Financially destructive mortgage terms

The problem with either trying to sell your home yourself or working with a realtor is that you’ll usually incur additional costs and expenses, which are the last thing you need added to your plate right now. Between inspections, repairs, and fees, your bank account just can’t take it.

But before you give up on selling your home, take a moment to explore the option of working with a real estate investor. You see, real estate investors know the ins and outs of home buying. We know of options that a realtor will never tell you. We can get your home sold, and make sure you’re not slapped with fees. You’ll walk away with as much cash as possible.

I buy homes from people just like you. If you need to sell your home fast, I would be honored to speak with you about your situation, learn more about your home, and make you a fair cash offer.

Is an Investor Right for You?

I’m not the only option out there when it comes to selling your home. I know this. But not all options will provide you with the benefits of working with someone like me.

When you work with an investor, your closing can be:

The process can be completed without a bank or other parties who don’t have your best interests in mind.

If you’re not in a rush to sell your home, a realtor can provide you with other benefits. But if you’re reading this, I doubt time is on your side right now.

Still not sure if an investor is your best bet? Ask yourself one question.

“If my house hasn’t sold within a month, or two or three months, where will I be?”

You don’t have to answer. But if the question alone turns your stomach into a pit of dread, then working with an investor over a real estate agent is the best choice for you.

When your circumstances demand that you sell your home as quickly as possible, I can make the impossible happen. That’s 
what a real estate investor does!

What to Expect When Selling to an Investor

If you’ve never worked with an investor before, you may have heard horror stories that lead you to believe this could be a nightmare. Let me assure you that should you work with me, the process will be simple, fast, and painless. Here’s what to expect.

Step 1. First, you’ll fill out the form on this page. I just need some basic info, like your name, address, and phone number. You can expect to receive a phone call from me (not an assistant or robot) shortly.

Step 2. After our conversation, we’ll set up a time for me to come and view your home. I’ll just look at its structure, condition, and layout.

Step 3. Next, we’ll discuss your home in detail. I might ask a few questions and you can feel free to ask me questions. Once I have everything I need, I’ll go ahead and make you a written fair cash offer on your home.

Step 4. Now the ball’s in your court. If you’re ready to move forward, great! I’ll get started right away. But if you want time to think about it, that’s perfectly fine. I’m always just a phone call away. 

Ready to see what an investor can do for you? The only thing you have to lose is the stress of trying to sell your home!

What If I Change My Mind?

Until we’ve signed a legal contract, the choice to sell is entirely up to you. I’m not a pushy guy. In fact, I want you to feel 100% comfortable when selling me your home.

So, while I can speed up the process of home selling for those who need it, I can also wait patiently for those who want to slow down a bit and consider all their options. There’s never any pressure.

How Much Can You Offer Me?

The amount of cash I can offer you for your home will depend on several factors. But rest assured that I’ll offer the highest amount I can.

Is your home in need of several repairs? What neighborhood is it in? Is it considered move-in ready or is it in need of several cosmetic changes? Is it in foreclosure? Do you owe back taxes? The answers to all these questions and a few more will determine what I am able to offer you.

So, while I can’t tell you on my website the exact dollar amount I can offer you, let me make a few suggestions.
If you’re putting off contacting me because you think I’m going to give you a low offer, ask yourself how many other offers you have coming in.

If all you’ve been hearing is crickets or you haven’t even started trying to sell because a realtor says your home needs several paychecks worth of work, then you have nothing to lose by reaching out to me.

My offer might not blow you out of the water. But it will keep you from sinking.

Don’t Trust Just Any Investor

I know I’m not the only investor out there. In fact, you can probably find a whole list of guys just like me out there. But there are a few things you should take into consideration before making your decision.

   __You’ll receive a personal call from me. I don’t automate human contact.
   __I’ll value your time. I know you’re in a time crunch and I’ll work quickly for you.
   __I’ll work around your schedule. I won’t just show up announced and disrupt your day.
   __My offers are fair, guaranteed, and IN CASH.
   __I buy homes “as-is” so there’s no need to stress over repairs.
   __I can close as quickly as you need me to.

One other thing that you should know…I’LL PAY YOUR CLOSING COSTS!

If anything I’ve said so far has sparked your interest, it’s worth your time to fill out my short form and let me give you a call. If you’re worried, scared, or stressed when thinking about your future, my services could be the solution that put you back on track.

If you need a fresh start, it’s time to call Aaron!

Life happens. Chances are, you didn’t plan for your life to take certain twists and turns that lead you to need to sell your home. 

But rather than dwell on what’s happened, focus on your future. When you work with an investor, your future becomes your present a little bit faster. 

Looking forward to speaking with you!